QCompressedHelpInfo Class

The QCompressedHelpInfo class provides access to the details about a compressed help file. More...

Header: #include <QCompressedHelpInfo>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Help)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Help)
qmake: QT += help

Public Functions

QCompressedHelpInfo(const QCompressedHelpInfo &other)
QCompressedHelpInfo(QCompressedHelpInfo &&other)
QString component() const
bool isNull() const
QString namespaceName() const
void swap(QCompressedHelpInfo &other)
QVersionNumber version() const
QCompressedHelpInfo &operator=(const QCompressedHelpInfo &other)
QCompressedHelpInfo &operator=(QCompressedHelpInfo &&other)

Static Public Members

QCompressedHelpInfo fromCompressedHelpFile(const QString &documentationFileName)

Detailed Description

The detailed information about the compressed help file can be fetched by calling the fromCompressedHelpFile() static method, providing the path to the compressed help file.

The class provides access to various information about a compressed help file. The namespace associated with the given compressed help file is namespaceName(), the associated component name is component() and version() provides version information.

See also QHelpFilterEngine.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs empty information about a compressed help file.

QCompressedHelpInfo::QCompressedHelpInfo(const QCompressedHelpInfo &other)

Constructs a copy of other.

QCompressedHelpInfo::QCompressedHelpInfo(QCompressedHelpInfo &&other)

Move-constructs a QCompressedHelpInfo instance, making it point to the same object that other was pointing to, so that it contains the information the other used to contain.

[noexcept] QCompressedHelpInfo::~QCompressedHelpInfo()

Destroys the QCompressedHelpInfo.

QString QCompressedHelpInfo::component() const

Returns the component of the compressed help file.

[static] QCompressedHelpInfo QCompressedHelpInfo::fromCompressedHelpFile(const QString &documentationFileName)

Returns the QCompressedHelpInfo instance for the documentationFileName of the existing qch file.

bool QCompressedHelpInfo::isNull() const

Returns true if the info is invalid, otherwise returns false.

QString QCompressedHelpInfo::namespaceName() const

Returns the namespace name of the compressed help file.

[noexcept] void QCompressedHelpInfo::swap(QCompressedHelpInfo &other)

Swaps the compressed help file other with this compressed help file. This operation is very fast and never fails.

QVersionNumber QCompressedHelpInfo::version() const

Returns the version of the compressed help file.

QCompressedHelpInfo &QCompressedHelpInfo::operator=(const QCompressedHelpInfo &other)

Makes this QHelpCollectionDetails into a copy of other, so the two are identical, and returns a reference to this QHelpCollectionDetails.

QCompressedHelpInfo &QCompressedHelpInfo::operator=(QCompressedHelpInfo &&other)

Move-assigns other to this QCompressedHelpInfo instance.

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