QLocation Namespace

The QLocation namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the QtLocation module. More...

Header: #include <QLocation>
qmake: QT += location


(since 6.6) enum class ReferenceSurface { Map, Globe }
enum Visibility { UnspecifiedVisibility, DeviceVisibility, PrivateVisibility, PublicVisibility }
flags VisibilityScope

Detailed Description

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[since 6.6] enum class QLocation::ReferenceSurface

Defines the reference surface on which various map items (e.g. polygons, polylines) are defined.

QLocation::ReferenceSurface::Map0Items are defined on a map. This means, e.g. for a polyline that nodes are connected with straight lines on the map.
QLocation::ReferenceSurface::Globe1Items are defined on the globe. This means, e.g. for a polyine that nodes are connected with circle sections that represent the shortest connection between points on a sphere. This connection is also known as great circle path.

This enum was introduced in Qt 6.6.

enum QLocation::Visibility
flags QLocation::VisibilityScope

Defines the visibility of a QPlace or QPlaceCategory.

QLocation::UnspecifiedVisibility0x00No explicit visibility has been defined.
QLocation::DeviceVisibility0x01Places and categories with DeviceVisibility are only stored on the local device.
QLocation::PrivateVisibility0x02Places and categories with PrivateVisibility are only visible to the current user. The data may be stored either locally or on a remote service or both.
QLocation::PublicVisibility0x04Places and categories with PublicVisibility are visible to everyone.

A particular manager may support one or more visibility scopes. For example a manager from one provider may only provide places that are public to everyone, whilst another may provide both public and private places.

Note: The meaning of unspecified visibility depends on the context it is used.

When saving a place or category, the default visibility is unspecified meaning that the manager chooses an appropriate visibility scope for the item.

When searching for places, unspecified means that places of any scope is returned.

The VisibilityScope type is a typedef for QFlags<Visibility>. It stores an OR combination of Visibility values.

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