AbstractSeries QML Type

Base type for all Qt Graph series types. More...

Import Statement: import QtGraphs
Instantiates: QAbstractSeries
Inherited By:

AbstractBarSeries and XYSeries

Status: Technical Preview


Detailed Description

This type cannot be instantiated directly. Instead, one of the following derived types should be used to create a series: LineSeries, BarSeries, or ScatterSeries.

Property Documentation

hoverable : bool

Controls if the series can be hovered with mouse/touch. By default, hoverable is set to false.

name : string

The name of the series. It is displayed in the legend for the series and it supports HTML formatting.

opacity : real

The opacity of the series. By default, the opacity is 1.0. The valid values range from 0.0 (transparent) to 1.0 (opaque).

selectable : bool

Controls if the series can be selected with mouse/touch. By default, selectable is set to false.

theme : QSeriesTheme

The theme used for this series.

type : enumeration [read-only]

The type of the series.

AbstractSeries.SeriesTypeLineA line graph.
AbstractSeries.SeriesTypeBarA vertical bar graph.
AbstractSeries.SeriesTypeScatterA scatter graph.

valuesMultiplier : real

This variable can be used for animating the series values so they scale from 0 to actual value size. By default, the valuesMultiplier is 1.0. The valid values range from 0.0 (height 0) to 1.0 (full value).

visible : bool

The visibility used for this series. By default, visible is set to true.

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