QQmlGrpcMetadata QML Type

The QQmlGrpcMetadata is a class that stores metadata in unordered multimap container. More...

Import Statement: import QtGrpc
Since: Qt 6.7


  • data : QVariantMap

Detailed Description

Metadata is information about a particular gRPC call or channel (such as authentication details) in the form of a list of key-value pairs, where the keys are strings and the values are typically strings, but can be binary data. The class provides the possibility to store data in an unordered container. Also, it is possible to store several values by the same key.

Note: Use the comma symbol to set several values by the same key.

See also QGrpcMetadata.

Property Documentation

data : QVariantMap

Provides access to metadata container and holds it in QVariantMap format in QML.

Note: Use the comma symbol to set several values by the same key. See example below:

GrpcMetadata {
    id: grpcData
    data: ({ "user-name": "localhost, remotehost",
            "user-password": "qwerty, 123456"})

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