Scene Graph - Custom QSGRenderNode

Shows how to use QSGRenderNode to implement custom rendering in the Qt Quick scenegraph.

The custom render node example shows how to implement an item that is rendered using a custom QSGRenderNode.

QSGRenderNode allows direct access to the Render Hardware Interface (RHI) within the scenegraph. This example demonstrates how to create QSGRenderNode based render node and manage it with a custom item. The render node creates an RHI pipeline, updates vertex and uniform buffers, and renders into the RHI command buffer.

Warning: This example demonstrates advanced, low-level functionality performing portable, cross-platform 3D rendering, while relying on private APIs from the Qt Gui and Qt Quick modules. Developers are encouraged to carefully evaluate the potential lack of source and binary compatibility guarantees before using these APIs in their applications.

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