DataOutput QML Type

Provides notifications from data output entries in Qt 3D Studio presentation. More...

Import Statement: import QtStudio3D.OpenGL 2.8
Instantiates: Q3DSDataOutput



Detailed Description

This class is a convenience class for listening for changes in the Qt 3D Studio presentation attributes. DataOutput provides a clean contract between the presentation design and the code. It hides the presentation details from the code while providing a contractual access point to code to be notified when aspects of the presentation change (e.g. movement of an element in the presentation due to timeline animation).

DataOutput can be attached to same attributes in the design as DataInput is, including presentation timeline. Only exception is slide changes. Slide changes are already notified through Presentation::slideEntered and Presentation::slideExited signals.

Note: There is a performance cost for each registered DataOutput, so try to avoid creating unnecessary DataOutputs.

See also Presentation, DataInput, Presentation::slideExited, Presentation::slideEntered, and Presentation::customSignalEmitted.

Property Documentation

name : string

Specifies the name of the observed data output element in the presentation. The name must match a name of a data output defined in the presentation. This property must be set before setting the value property.

[read-only] value : var

Contains the read-only value of the controlled data output element in the presentation.

The value of this property accounts for actual value in the last processed frame of the presentation. This includes animation timeline driven changes, changes done via DataInput and changes done via Behavior scripts.

Signal Documentation

valueChanged(var newValue)

Emitted when the value of the observed DataOutput has changed to newValue in the presentation.

Note: The corresponding handler is onValueChanged.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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