ExecutableItem Class

class Tasking::ExecutableItem

Base class for executable task items. More...

Header: #include <solutions/tasking/tasktree.h>
Inherits: Tasking::GroupItem
Inherited By:

Tasking::CustomTask, Tasking::Group, and Tasking::Sync

Note: All functions in this class are reentrant.

Public Functions

Tasking::ExecutableItem withLog(const QString &logName) const
Tasking::ExecutableItem withTimeout(std::chrono::milliseconds timeout, const std::function<void ()> &handler = {}) const

Detailed Description

ExecutableItem provides an additional interface for items containing executable tasks. Use withTimeout() to attach a timeout to a task. Use withLog() to include debugging information about the task startup and the execution result.

Member Function Documentation

Tasking::ExecutableItem ExecutableItem::withLog(const QString &logName) const

Attaches a custom debug printout to a copy of this ExecutableItem, issued on task startup and after the task is finished, and returns the coupled item.

The debug printout includes a timestamp of the event (start or finish) and logName to identify the specific task in the debug log.

The finish printout contains the additional information whether the execution was synchronous or asynchronous, its result (the value described by the DoneWith enum), and the total execution time in milliseconds.

Tasking::ExecutableItem ExecutableItem::withTimeout(std::chrono::milliseconds timeout, const std::function<void ()> &handler = {}) const

Attaches TimeoutTask to a copy of this ExecutableItem, elapsing after timeout in milliseconds, with an optionally provided timeout handler, and returns the coupled item.

When the ExecutableItem finishes before timeout passes, the returned item finishes immediately with the task's result. Otherwise, handler is invoked (if provided), the task is canceled, and the returned item finishes with an error.

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