Format CMake files

You can use the cmake-format tool and local .cmake-format, .py, or .json configuration files to format any text in CMake files that you do not guard with a pair of fences. You must install the tool and tell Qt Creator where you installed it.

To automatically format CMake files upon file save:

  1. Select Preferences > CMake > Formatter.

    {Formatter tab in CMake Preferences}

  2. In CMakeFormat command, enter the path to cmake-format.exe.
  3. Select Automatic formatting on file save to automatically format CMake files when you save them.
  4. In Restrict to MIME types, add the MIME types of the files to format, separated by semicolons. The default value, text/x-cmake formats CMake files. If the field is empty, all files are formatted.
  5. Select the Restrict to files contained in the current project check box to only format CMake files that belong to the current project.

See also How To: Build with CMake, Edit MIME types, and CMake.

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