AbstractFileTask Class

class QInstaller::AbstractFileTask

The AbstractFileTask class is the base class of file related tasks. More...

Header: #include <AbstractFileTask>
Inherits: QObject

Public Functions

AbstractFileTask(const QString &source)
AbstractFileTask(const QInstaller::FileTaskItem &item)
AbstractFileTask(const QString &source, const QString &target)
virtual ~AbstractFileTask()
void setTaskItem(const QInstaller::FileTaskItem &item)
QList<QInstaller::FileTaskItem> taskItems() const

Detailed Description

The class is not usable as a standalone class but provides common functionality when subclassed.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty abstract file task object.

[explicit] AbstractFileTask::AbstractFileTask(const QString &source)

Constructs a new abstract file task object with source.

[explicit] AbstractFileTask::AbstractFileTask(const QInstaller::FileTaskItem &item)

Constructs a new abstract file task object with item.

AbstractFileTask::AbstractFileTask(const QString &source, const QString &target)

Constructs a new abstract file task object with source and target.

[virtual noexcept] AbstractFileTask::~AbstractFileTask()

Destroys the abstract file task object.

void AbstractFileTask::setTaskItem(const QInstaller::FileTaskItem &item)

Sets a file task item this task is working on.

QList<QInstaller::FileTaskItem> AbstractFileTask::taskItems() const

Returns a list of file task items this task is working on.

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