Provides access to the installer status and pages from Qt Script. More...


Detailed Description

For more information about using the QInstaller object in control scripts, see Controller Scripting.

For examples of using the pages to support end user workflows, see End User Workflows.

Property Documentation

WizardPage : enumeration

The installer has various pre-defined pages that can be used to for example insert pages in a certain place:

QInstaller.IntroductionIntroduction Page
QInstaller.TargetDirectoryTarget Directory Page
QInstaller.ComponentSelectionComponent Selection Page
QInstaller.LicenseCheckLicense Agreement Page
QInstaller.StartMenuSelectionStart Menu Directory Page
QInstaller.ReadyForInstallationReady for Installation Page
QInstaller.PerformInstallationPerform Installation Page
QInstaller.InstallationFinishedFinished Page

status : enumeration

Status of the installer.

Possible values are:

QInstaller.SuccessInstallation was successful.
QInstaller.FailureInstallation failed.
QInstaller.RunningInstallation is in progress.
QInstaller.CanceledInstallation was canceled.
QInstaller.UnfinishedInstallation was not completed.

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