CacheableItem Class

class QInstaller::CacheableItem

The CacheableItem is a pure virtual class that defines an interface for a type suited for storage with the GenericDataCache class. More...

Header: #include <CacheableItem>
Inherited By:


Public Functions

virtual ~CacheableItem() = 0
virtual QByteArray checksum() const = 0
virtual bool isValid() const = 0
virtual bool obsoletes(QInstaller::CacheableItem *other) = 0
virtual QString path() const
virtual void setPath(const QString &path)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] CacheableItem::~CacheableItem()

Virtual destructor for CacheableItem.

[pure virtual] QByteArray CacheableItem::checksum() const

Returns the checksum of this item. A subclass must implement this method.

[pure virtual] bool CacheableItem::isValid() const

Returns true if this item is valid, false otherwise. A subclass must implement this method.

[pure virtual] bool CacheableItem::obsoletes(QInstaller::CacheableItem *other)

Returns true if the calling item obsoletes other item, false otherwise. This method is used for filtering obsolete entries from the cache.

A subclass must implement this method.

[virtual] QString CacheableItem::path() const

Returns the path of this item. A subclass may override this method.

See also setPath().

[virtual] void CacheableItem::setPath(const QString &path)

Sets the path of the item to path. A subclass may override this method.

See also path().

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