IntroductionPage Class

class QInstaller::IntroductionPage

The IntroductionPage class displays information about the product to install. More...

Header: #include <IntroductionPage>
Inherits: QInstaller::PackageManagerPage

Public Functions

IntroductionPage(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core)
void hideAll()
void setMaintainerToolsEnabled(bool enable)
void setMaintenanceToolsEnabled(bool enable)
void setText(const QString &text)
void showAll()
void showMaintenanceTools()
void showMetaInfoUpdate()

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual int nextId() const override
virtual bool validatePage() override

Public Slots

void onCoreNetworkSettingsChanged()
void onProgressChanged(int progress)
void setErrorMessage(const QString &error)
void setMessage(const QString &msg)
void setTotalProgress(int totalProgress)


Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

IntroductionPage::IntroductionPage(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core)

Constructs an introduction page with core as parent.

[slot] void IntroductionPage::onCoreNetworkSettingsChanged()

Resets the internal page state, so that on clicking Next the metadata needs to be fetched again. For maintenance tool, enables or disables options requiring enabled repositories based on the current repository settings.

[slot] void IntroductionPage::onProgressChanged(int progress)

Updates the value of progress on the progress bar.

[signal] void IntroductionPage::packageManagerCoreTypeChanged()

This signal is emitted when the package manager core type changes.

[slot] void IntroductionPage::setErrorMessage(const QString &error)

Displays the error message error on the page.

[slot] void IntroductionPage::setMessage(const QString &msg)

Displays the message msg on the page.

[slot] void IntroductionPage::setTotalProgress(int totalProgress)

Sets total totalProgress value to progress bar.

void IntroductionPage::hideAll()

Hides all widgets on the page.

[override virtual] int IntroductionPage::nextId() const

Reimplements: PackageManagerPage::nextId() const.

Determines which page should be shown next depending on whether the application is being installed, updated, or uninstalled.

void IntroductionPage::setMaintainerToolsEnabled(bool enable)

Enables or disables the options to add or update components based on the value of enable. For a maintenance tool without any enabled repositories, the package manager and updater stay disabled regardless of the value of enable.

void IntroductionPage::setMaintenanceToolsEnabled(bool enable)

Sets enable to true to enable the options to install, add, and uninstall components on the page. For a maintenance tool without any enabled repositories, the package manager and updater stay disabled regardless of the value of enable.

void IntroductionPage::setText(const QString &text)

Displays the text text on the page.

void IntroductionPage::showAll()

Shows all widgets on the page.

void IntroductionPage::showMaintenanceTools()

Shows the options to install, add, and unistall components on the page.

void IntroductionPage::showMetaInfoUpdate()

Hides the widgets on the page except a text label and progress bar.

[override virtual] bool IntroductionPage::validatePage()

Reimplements: PackageManagerPage::validatePage().

For an uninstaller, always returns true. For the package manager and updater, at least one valid repository is required. For the online installer, package manager, and updater, valid meta data has to be fetched successfully to return true.

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