Lib7zArchive Class

class QInstaller::Lib7zArchive

The Lib7zArchive class represents an archive file handled with the LZMA software development kit. More...

Header: #include <Lib7zArchive>
Inherits: QInstaller::AbstractArchive

Public Functions

Lib7zArchive(const QString &filename, QObject *parent = nullptr)
Lib7zArchive(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~Lib7zArchive()

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void close() override
virtual bool create(const QStringList &data) override
virtual bool extract(const QString &dirPath) override
virtual bool extract(const QString &dirPath, const quint64 totalFiles) override
virtual bool isSupported() override
virtual QVector<QInstaller::ArchiveEntry> list() override
virtual bool open(QIODeviceBase::OpenMode mode) override
virtual void setFilename(const QString &filename) override

Public Slots

virtual void cancel() override

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

Lib7zArchive::Lib7zArchive(const QString &filename, QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs an archive object representing an archive file specified by filename with parent as parent object.

[explicit] Lib7zArchive::Lib7zArchive(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs an archive object with the given parent.

[virtual noexcept] Lib7zArchive::~Lib7zArchive()

Destroys the instance and releases resources.

[override virtual slot] void Lib7zArchive::cancel()

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::cancel().

Cancels the extract operation in progress.

[override virtual] void Lib7zArchive::close()

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::close().

Closes the underlying file device.

[override virtual] bool Lib7zArchive::create(const QStringList &data)

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::create(const QStringList &data).

Packages the given data into the archive and creates the file on disk.

[override virtual] bool Lib7zArchive::extract(const QString &dirPath)

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::extract(const QString &dirPath).

Extracts the contents of this archive to dirPath. Returns true on success; false otherwise.

[override virtual] bool Lib7zArchive::extract(const QString &dirPath, const quint64 totalFiles)

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::extract(const QString &dirPath, const quint64 totalFiles).

Extracts the contents of this archive to dirPath. The totalFiles parameter is unused. Returns true on success; false otherwise.

[override virtual] bool Lib7zArchive::isSupported()

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::isSupported().

Returns true if the current archive is of supported format; false otherwise.

[override virtual] QVector<QInstaller::ArchiveEntry> Lib7zArchive::list()

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::list().

Returns the contents of this archive as an array of ArchiveEntry objects. On failure, returns an empty array.

[override virtual] bool Lib7zArchive::open(QIODeviceBase::OpenMode mode)

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::open(QIODeviceBase::OpenMode mode).

Opens the underlying file device using mode. Returns true if succesfull; otherwise false.

[override virtual] void Lib7zArchive::setFilename(const QString &filename)

Reimplements: AbstractArchive::setFilename(const QString &filename).

Sets the filename of the underlying file device.

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