LoggingHandler Class

class QInstaller::LoggingHandler

The LoggingHandler class provides methods for manipulating the application-wide verbosiveness and format of printed debug messages. More...

Header: #include <LoggingHandler>

Public Types

enum VerbosityLevel { Silent, Normal, Detailed, Minimum, Maximum }

Public Functions

bool isVerbose() const
void messageHandler(QtMsgType type, const QMessageLogContext &context, const QString &msg)
bool outputRedirected() const
void printAliasInformation(const QList<QInstaller::ComponentAlias *> &aliases)
void printLocalPackageInformation(const QList<KDUpdater::LocalPackage> &packages) const
void printPackageInformation(const QInstaller::PackagesList &matchedPackages, const QInstaller::LocalPackagesMap &installedPackages) const
void printUpdateInformation(const QList<QInstaller::Component *> &components) const
void setVerbose(bool v)
QInstaller::LoggingHandler::VerbosityLevel verboseLevel() const

Static Public Members

QInstaller::LoggingHandler &instance()

Detailed Description

The class also contains utility methods for printing common preformatted messages.

Member Type Documentation

enum LoggingHandler::VerbosityLevel

This enum holds the possible levels of output verbosity.

QInstaller::LoggingHandler::MinimumSilentMinimum possible verbosity level. Synonym for VerbosityLevel::Silent.
QInstaller::LoggingHandler::MaximumDetailedMaximum possible verbosity level. Synonym for VerbosityLevel::Detailed.

Member Function Documentation

[static] QInstaller::LoggingHandler &LoggingHandler::instance()

Returns the only instance of this class.

bool LoggingHandler::isVerbose() const

Returns true if the installer is set to verbose output.

void LoggingHandler::messageHandler(QtMsgType type, const QMessageLogContext &context, const QString &msg)

Prints out preformatted debug messages, warnings, critical and fatal error messages specified by msg and type. The message context provides information about the source code location the message was generated.

bool LoggingHandler::outputRedirected() const

Returns true if output is redirected, i.e. to a file.

void LoggingHandler::printAliasInformation(const QList<QInstaller::ComponentAlias *> &aliases)

Prints basic or more detailed information about component aliases, depending on the current verbosity level.

void LoggingHandler::printLocalPackageInformation(const QList<KDUpdater::LocalPackage> &packages) const

Prints basic or more detailed information about local packages, depending on the current verbosity level.

void LoggingHandler::printPackageInformation(const QInstaller::PackagesList &matchedPackages, const QInstaller::LocalPackagesMap &installedPackages) const

Prints basic or more detailed information about available matchedPackages, depending on the current verbosity level. If a package is also present in installedPackages, the installed version will be included in printed information.

void LoggingHandler::printUpdateInformation(const QList<QInstaller::Component *> &components) const

Prints update information from components.

void LoggingHandler::setVerbose(bool v)

Sets to verbose output if v is set to true. Calling this multiple times increases or decreases the verbosity level accordingly.

See also isVerbose().

QInstaller::LoggingHandler::VerbosityLevel LoggingHandler::verboseLevel() const

Returns the current verbosity level.

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