PackageSource Struct

struct QInstaller::PackageSource

The PackageSource class specifies a single package source. More...

Header: #include <PackageSource>

Public Functions

PackageSource(const QUrl &u, int p, bool pl = false)

Public Variables

int priority
QUrl url

Detailed Description

An package source represents a link to an repository that contains packages applicable by the installer or package maintenance application. This structure describes a single package source in terms of url and priority. While different repositories can host the same packages, packages coming from a higher priority source take precedence over lower priority packages during applicable package computation.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty package source info object. The object's priority is set to -1. The url is initialized using a default-constructed value.

PackageSource::PackageSource(const QUrl &u, int p, bool pl = false)

Constructs a package source info object. The object's url is set to u, while the priority is set to p.

Member Variable Documentation

int PackageSource::priority

This variable holds the priority of the package source.

QUrl PackageSource::url

This variable holds the URL of the package source.

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