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Detailed Description

Use the QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory() method to create a modal dialog that displays an existing directory selected by the user. Use the QFileDialog::getOpenFileName() method to create a dialog that displays matching files in the directory selected by the user. When a command line interface is used, a dialog is not displayed. Instead, the user can type the directory or the file name in the console. For automatic installations, --file-query with identifier=value pairs can be given separated with a comma. For example, --file-query filedialog.id=C:/Temp,filedialog.id2=C:/Temp2.

Method Documentation

string getExistingDirectory(string caption, string dir)

Returns an existing directory selected by the user.

The dialog's working directory is set to dir, and the caption is set to caption. Either of these may be an empty string, in which case the current directory and a default caption will be used, respectively.

string getOpenFileName(string caption, string dir, string filter)

Returns an existing file selected by the user. If the user selects Cancel, returns a null string.

The file dialog's caption is set to caption. If caption is not specified, a default caption is used.

The file dialog's working directory is set to dir. If dir includes a file name, the file will be selected. Only files that match the specified filter are shown. Either of these may be an empty string.

To specify multiple filters, separate them with two semicolons (;;). For example:

"Images (*.png *.xpm *.jpg);;Text files (*.txt);;XML files (*.xml)"

On Windows, and macOS, this static function will use the native file dialog and not a QFileDialog.

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