What's New in 2.4

Qt Quick Ultralite maintains source compatibility between minor releases. However, some changes may require you to adapt the application code. The following sections highlight such changes:

Important changes

  • QmlProject is the default way to configure your project.
  • Deprecated CMake APIs. If your project use these APIs, consider migrating it to QmlProject. Refer to the migration guide for more information.
  • Removed touch driver customization for the NXP RT1050/60/64 platforms. These platforms now use the driver offered by the NXP SDK.
  • On the Renesas EKRA6M3G platform, the application's image and font resources are stored in the internal flash memory by default. Added the QulFontResourceDataExtFlash and QulResourceDataExtFlash linker sections to enable the use of external flash memory. For more information, refer to MCU.Config.glyphsStorageSection, MCU.Config.fontFilesStorageSection, and ImageFiles.MCU.resourceStorageSection.

New features

  • Added the AnimatedSpriteDirectory QML type to enable using a sequence of images for the animation.
  • Added the Loader::sourceComponent property to define a component that the Loader should instantiate.
  • Added support for the TVII-C-2D-6M BGA 327 board revision.
  • Added support the MCU.Config.platformRenderBatchHeight QmlProject config variable to set batch height for single-buffered graphics.
  • Enabled Qul::PlatformInterface::Allocator to raise error if allocation fails. This is useful when using the Qul::PlatformInterface::Vector API.
  • Upgrades:
    • Renesas FSP v4.2.0
    • FreeRTOS Kernel V10.4.6 (FSP 4.2.0)
    • Traveo II SDK v2e.1.0 for TVII-C-2D-6M-327-SET board
  • Removed the QUL_PLATFORM_DEVICELINK_CHANNEL CMake option. If you need to configure UART, do it in the platform port.
  • Added alpha and path buffer sizes to the Infineon Traveo II platform config. This should enable the applications to adapt the size for drawing large and complex shapes.
  • Added support Infineon/Cypress Traveo II 4M as a reference platform.
  • QmlProject updates:
    • Warn about the consequences of using the QmlFiles node with the directory property to include all .qml files in the given path.
    • Improve error reporting for the QmlProject tools.
    • Enable qmlprojectexporter to generate entry point information using the --generate-entrypoint command-line option.
    • Select all the supported font files that are in the given FontFiles.directory.
  • platformexporter updates:
    • Export the sources and headers for the Renesas RH850 and Infineon Traveo II extra libraries.
    • Generate GHS ARM Multi IDE projects files
  • Added quick start guides for the Infineon Traveo II, Renesas RH850-D1M1A, and NXP RT1170.
  • qulrcc updates:
    • Preprocess image sequences to reduce the size of image data for sprites that use either one or more images.
    • Optimize the use of RAM memory by reusing existing pointers to the texture data.
  • Updated the perspective_transforms to support platforms without touch support.
  • Updated the thermo demo to use the Loader type to instantiate the QML components on need basis. This change enables the demo to use at least 10% less RAM.

Fixed issues

  • Apply antialiasing only when you down scale the images by more than 50%. This fixes the compiler error when using QPainter-based blending on platforms that support transformations.
  • Fixed inconsistent graphical effects on NXP RT1170.
  • Fixed qmlprojectexporter to include source file information, enabling Qt Creator to list them in the project view.
  • Fixed kit creation logic for the RH850 and TVII platforms, to configure correct install path of their 3rd-party dependencies such as the flashing utility, RGL library, and so on.
  • Fixed the event propagation logic for the visible property. This should make sure property changes for a child item are propagated to its parent.
  • Moved the compile definitions to the platform header file, to make it easy to build using tools other than CMake. In the earlier Qt for MCUs versions, these definitions were added using the QUL_PLATFORM_* QUL_* CMake APIs.
  • Fixed the suspend function logic for the FreeRTOS platform ports.
  • Removed hardware configuration code for the STM32 platform ports. These platform ports now use the configuration code that STMCubeMX generates.
  • Removed the hardware configuration code for the NXP platforms. These platform ports now use the configuration code that MCUXpresso generates.
  • Fixed platformexporter to make sure the include paths have only the exported directories.
  • Fixes to the examples and demos:
    • Adapt the perspective_transforms example for smaller screen resolution.
    • Avoid rendering artifacts by disabling the split-image optimization for rotated images in the swipe_game demo.
    • Disable thermo_small for the STM32F4 and STM32F7 platforms.
    • Change orientation of the Shapes example to vertical on NXP RT1170.
    • Update the sprite_animations example to run animations by default on platforms without a touch input.
  • Fixed regression in BorderImage, which had a rasterBuffer that is null if you set the DontUpdateRenderNode flag.
  • Fixed regression in logging hardware performance when QUL_ENABLE_HARDWARE_PERFORMANCE_LOGGING is on.

New APIs

APIs for application development

New QML Types

New QML Properties

QML Type Loader:

sourceComponent : Component

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