Chromatic Aberration

In real life, chromatic aberration is an optical phenomenon causing color fringes in high contrast areas. These color fringes are caused by different colors refracting at different angels splitting white light into a spectrum. This is called dispersion.

In the image below, the effect is applied in the right picture.


Aberration amountAmount of aberration. A negative value inverses the effect.
Focus depthDispersion scales in relation to the distance from this value.
Effect maskA grayscale texture to control position and strength of the effect. The effect is strongest in white areas, and weakest in black areas.
Debug dispersion amountAllows you to see exactly how the effect works.


To make it easier to set up this effect, enable Debug dispersion amount. When enabled, the scene view switches to a mode showing the amount of dispersion to be applied. Black objects will disperse less, and white objects will disperse more.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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