Tilt Shift

The tilt shift effect simulates depth of field in a simple and performant manner. Instead of blurring based on the depth buffer, it blurs everything except for a horizontal or vertical stripe on the layer.


Focus positionThe vertical placement of the center of the focused area on the screen. A value 0.5 will put the center in the middle of the screen.
Focus widthThe height of the focused area.
Debug renderingAllows you to see exactly how the focus variables work.
Blur amountThe amount of blur applied to the unfocused areas.
VerticalMakes the effect work vertically instead of horizontally.
Invert blurInverts the blur so that the center is blurred while the other areas are sharp.


To make it easier to set up this effect, enable Debug focus rendering. When enabled, the scene view switches to a mode showing the amount of blur to be applied. Anything completely fogged in white is entirely blurred, anything that is fully black is entirely in focus, and shades of grey represent varying amounts of blur in between. It is far easier to turn on this mode and adjust the values in the inspector palette until the content you want is bracketed, compared to performing distance calculations and entering numbers.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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