Viewer: Remote Deployment

Qt 3D Studio supports remote deployment to Qt 3D Studio Viewer. This enables seeing design changes live in the target device, for example an Android tablet.

Note: For supported devices and operating systems see the Requirements page.

Setting Up the Target Device

To set up the target device for remote deployment, follow the steps below.

Android Devices

  1. Download Qt 3D Viewer from Google Play and install it on the target device.
  2. Run Qt 3D Viewer.
  3. Connection information, IP address and port, will display in the Viewer.

Embedded Systems

For embedded systems you will have to compile the application on the target device.

Command Line

You can run the Viewer from the command line. The default mode is connection mode. To start the Viewer, use the following command:


When you run the Viewer in connection mode it will display connection details, IP address and port, right away.

For full usage, see the Command line usage documentation.

Connecting to the Target Device

To connect to the target device Viewer from Qt 3D Studio, follow the steps below.

  1. From the menu, select Edit > Connect to Device.
  2. Enter the connection information displaying in the Viewer on the target device, then press OK.

    Note: Previous used IP and port is automatically inserted when you click Connect to Device.

  3. You are now connected. The Viewer on the target device should display Remote Connected.

Preview Presentation

To preview the presentation on the target device, press the Remote Preview button in the Studio toolbar.

After making changes to your presentation, press the Remote Preview button to see the changes on the target device.

Disconnecting from the Target Device

You can disconnect from the target device by selecting Edit > Connect to Device from the Studio menu.

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