Common Extension Tasks

This section summarizes the API functions that you can use to add UI components to Qt Creator.

Add a menu or menu item.You can extend existing menus or create new ones.Core::ActionManager, Core::Command
Add a configurable keyboard shortcut.Registering shortcuts makes it possible for users to configure them in the common shortcut settings dialog.Core::ActionManager, Core::Command
Add a mode.Modes correspond to complete screens of controls, specialized for a task.Core::IMode
Add a new editor type.Such as an editor for XML files.Core::IEditorFactory, Core::IEditor, Core::IDocument
Add a new wizard.You can extend the wizards in File > New File and New Project with your own file and project templates. We recommend that you create JSON-based wizards instead of implementing new wizards in C++ code.Adding New Custom Wizards

Core::IWizardFactory, Core::BaseFileWizardFactory, Core::BaseFileWizard, Core::WizardDialogParameters

Add support for a new version control system.Version control systems integrated in Qt Creator are Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mecurial, Perforce, and Subversion.Core::IVersionControl
Add a view to the navigation sidebar.The one which shows the project tree, filesystem, open documents or bookmarks.Core::INavigationWidgetFactory
Add a page to the Preferences dialog.Add a new page to existing or new category in Edit > Preferences.Core::IOptionsPage
Add a find filter to the Find dialog.Implement any kind of search term based search.Core::IFindFilter, Core::SearchResultWindow
Add support for the find tool bar to a widget.The widget that has focus is asked whether it supports text search. You can add support for widgets under your control.Core::IFindSupport, Core::BaseTextFind
Add a new filter to the locator.For a text typed in by the user you provide a list of things to show in the popup. When the user selects an entry you are requested to do whatever you want.Core::ILocatorFilter
Show a progress indicator for a concurrently running task.You can show a progress indicator for your tasks in the left hand tool bar, and also in the application icon (on platforms that support it).Core::ProgressManager, Core::FutureProgress

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