Update Class

class KDUpdater::Update

Represents a single update. More...

Header: #include <Update>

Public Functions

QVariant data(const QString &name, const QVariant &defaultValue = QVariant()) const
QInstaller::PackageSource packageSource() const

Detailed Description

The KDUpdater::Update class contains information about an update. It is created by KDUpdater::UpdateFinder corresponding to the update.

The constructor of the KDUpdater::Update class is made protected, because it can be instantiated only by KDUpdater::UpdateFinder (which is a friend class). The destructor however is public.

Member Function Documentation

QVariant Update::data(const QString &name, const QVariant &defaultValue = QVariant()) const

Returns the data specified by name, or an invalid defaultValue if the data does not exist.

QInstaller::PackageSource Update::packageSource() const

Returns the package source.

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