UpdateFinder Class


The UpdaterFinder class finds updates applicable for installed packages. More...

Header: #include <UpdateFinder>
Inherits: KDUpdater::Task

Public Functions

void addCompressedPackage(bool add)
bool isCompressedPackage()
void setLocalPackageHub(std::weak_ptr<LocalPackageHub> hub)
void setPackageSources(const QSet<QInstaller::PackageSource> &sources)
QList<Update *> updates() const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The UpdaterFinder class finds updates applicable for installed packages.

The KDUpdater::UpdateFinder class helps in searching for updates and installing them on the application. The class basically processes the application's KDUpdater::PackagesInfo and the UpdateXMLs it aggregates from all the update sources and populates a list of KDUpdater::Update objects.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an update finder.



void UpdateFinder::addCompressedPackage(bool add)

bool UpdateFinder::isCompressedPackage()

void UpdateFinder::setLocalPackageHub(std::weak_ptr<LocalPackageHub> hub)

void UpdateFinder::setPackageSources(const QSet<QInstaller::PackageSource> &sources)

QList<Update *> UpdateFinder::updates() const

Returns a list of KDUpdater::Update objects.

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