AliasSource Struct

struct QInstaller::AliasSource

Describes a source for alias declarations. More...

Header: #include <AliasSource>

Public Types

enum class SourceFileFormat { Unknown, Xml, Json }

Public Functions

AliasSource(QInstaller::AliasSource::SourceFileFormat aFormat, const QString &aFilename, int aPriority)
AliasSource(const QInstaller::AliasSource &other)

Detailed Description

Member Type Documentation

enum class AliasSource::SourceFileFormat

This enum type holds the possible file formats for alias source:

QInstaller::AliasSource::SourceFileFormat::Unknown-1Invalid or unknown file format.
QInstaller::AliasSource::SourceFileFormat::Xml0XML file format.
QInstaller::AliasSource::SourceFileFormat::Json1JSON file format.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an alias source with empty information.

AliasSource::AliasSource(QInstaller::AliasSource::SourceFileFormat aFormat, const QString &aFilename, int aPriority)

Constructs an alias source with source file format aFormat, filename aFilename, and priority aPriority.

AliasSource::AliasSource(const QInstaller::AliasSource &other)

Copy-constructs an alias source from other.

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