PerformInstallationForm Class

class QInstaller::PerformInstallationForm

The PerformInstallationForm class shows progress information about the installation state. More...

Header: #include <PerformInstallationForm>
Inherits: QObject

Public Functions

PerformInstallationForm(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core, QObject *parent)
void enableDetails()
bool isShowingDetails() const
void setDetailsButtonEnabled(bool enable)
void setDetailsWidgetVisible(bool visible)
void setupUi(QWidget *widget)
void startUpdateProgress()
void stopUpdateProgress()

Public Slots

void appendProgressDetails(const QString &details)
void clearDetailsBrowser()
void onAdditionalProgressStatusChanged(const QString &status)
void setImageFromFileName(const QString &fileName, const QString &url)
void toggleDetails()
void updateProgress()


Detailed Description

A progress bar indicates the progress of the installation, update, or uninstallation.

The page contains a button for showing or hiding detailed information about the progress in an details browser. The text on the button changes depending on whether the details browser is currently shown or hidden.

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] PerformInstallationForm::PerformInstallationForm(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core, QObject *parent)

Constructs the perform installation UI with package manager specified by core and with parent as parent.

[slot] void PerformInstallationForm::appendProgressDetails(const QString &details)

Displays details about progress of the installation in the details browser.

[slot] void PerformInstallationForm::clearDetailsBrowser()

Clears the contents of the details browser.

void PerformInstallationForm::enableDetails()

Enables the details button with the text Show Details and hides the details browser.

bool PerformInstallationForm::isShowingDetails() const

Returns true if the details browser is visible.

[slot] void PerformInstallationForm::onAdditionalProgressStatusChanged(const QString &status)

Changes the label text according to the changes in the download status specified by status.

void PerformInstallationForm::setDetailsButtonEnabled(bool enable)

Enables the details button if enable is true.

void PerformInstallationForm::setDetailsWidgetVisible(bool visible)

Shows the details button if visible is true.

[slot] void PerformInstallationForm::setImageFromFileName(const QString &fileName, const QString &url)

Sets currently shown form image specified by fileName. When clicking the image, url is opened in a browser. If the url is a reference to a file, it will be opened with a suitable application instead of a Web browser. url can be empty.

void PerformInstallationForm::setupUi(QWidget *widget)

Sets up the perform installation UI specified by widget.

[signal] void PerformInstallationForm::showDetailsChanged()

This signal is emitted when the end users select the details button to show or hide progress details.

void PerformInstallationForm::startUpdateProgress()

Starts the update progress timer.

void PerformInstallationForm::stopUpdateProgress()

Stops the update progress timer.

[slot] void PerformInstallationForm::toggleDetails()

Sets the text of the details button to Hide Details or Show Details depending on whether the details are currently shown or hidden. Emits the showDetailsChanged() signal.

[slot] void PerformInstallationForm::updateProgress()

Updates the progress of the installation on the progress bar.

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