PerformInstallationPage Class

class QInstaller::PerformInstallationPage

The PerformInstallationPage class shows progress information about the installation state. More...

Header: #include <PerformInstallationPage>
Inherits: QInstaller::PackageManagerPage

Public Functions

PerformInstallationPage(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core)
virtual ~PerformInstallationPage()
bool isAutoSwitching() const

Public Slots

void changeCurrentImage()
void setTitleMessage(const QString &title)


void setAutomatedPageSwitchEnabled(bool request)

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual void entering() override
virtual bool isInterruptible() const override
virtual void leaving() override

Detailed Description

This class is a container for the PerformInstallationForm class, which constructs the actual UI for the page.

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] PerformInstallationPage::PerformInstallationPage(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core)

Constructs a perform installation page with core as parent. The page contains a PerformInstallationForm that defines the UI for the page.

[virtual noexcept] PerformInstallationPage::~PerformInstallationPage()

Destructs a perform installation page.

[slot] void PerformInstallationPage::changeCurrentImage()

Changes the currently shown product image to the next available image from installer configuration.

[override virtual protected] void PerformInstallationPage::entering()

Reimplements: PackageManagerPage::entering().

Initializes the page's fields based on values from fields on previous pages. The text to display depends on whether the page is being used in an installer, updater, or uninstaller.

bool PerformInstallationPage::isAutoSwitching() const

Returns true if automatically switching to the page is requested.

[override virtual protected] bool PerformInstallationPage::isInterruptible() const

Reimplements: PackageManagerPage::isInterruptible() const.

Returns true if the installation can be interrupted.

[override virtual protected] void PerformInstallationPage::leaving()

Reimplements: PackageManagerPage::leaving().

Called when end users leave the page and the PackageManagerGui:currentPageChanged() signal is triggered.

[signal] void PerformInstallationPage::setAutomatedPageSwitchEnabled(bool request)

Enables automatic switching of pages when request is true.

[slot] void PerformInstallationPage::setTitleMessage(const QString &title)

Sets title as the title of the perform installation page.

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