ResourceCollection Class

class QInstaller::ResourceCollection

The ResourceCollection class is an abstraction that groups together a number of resources. More...

Header: #include <ResourceCollection>

Public Functions

ResourceCollection(const QByteArray &name)
void appendResource(const QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource> &resource)
void appendResources(const QList<QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource>> &resources)
QByteArray name() const
QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource> resourceByName(const QByteArray &name) const
QList<QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource>> resources() const
void setName(const QByteArray &name)

Detailed Description

The resources are supposed to be sequential, so the collection keeps them ordered once a new resource is added. The name can be set at any time using setName().

Member Function Documentation


The class constructor creates an empty resource collection. By default the collection gets a unique name assigned using QUuid.

[explicit] ResourceCollection::ResourceCollection(const QByteArray &name)

The class constructor creates an empty resource collection with a name set to name.

void ResourceCollection::appendResource(const QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource> &resource)

Appends resource to this collection. The collection takes ownership of resource.

void ResourceCollection::appendResources(const QList<QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource>> &resources)

Appends a list of resources to this collection. The collection takes ownership of resources.

QByteArray ResourceCollection::name() const

Returns the name of the resource collection.

See also setName().

QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource> ResourceCollection::resourceByName(const QByteArray &name) const

Returns the resource associated with the name name.

QList<QSharedPointer<QInstaller::Resource>> ResourceCollection::resources() const

Returns the resources associated with this collection.

void ResourceCollection::setName(const QByteArray &name)

Sets the name of the resource collection to name.

See also name().

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