Coco Manual

Coco is a complete code coverage tool chain for Tcl, QML, C# and C/C++ programs (including SystemC programs). It runs on macOS, Linux™ and Microsoft® Windows. For a full list of supported compilers, see the company website.

OverviewAn overview of Coco features and tools, as well as code coverage analysis and code metrics.
InstallationInstallation and basic setup of Coco.
TutorialsTutorials for instrumentation of simple projects.
SetupIntegration of Coco with build automation systems, IDEs, toolchains and testing frameworks.
Advanced SetupCoco setup in special cases.
C/C++ CoverageDetailed information about using CoverageScanner with C and C++.
C# coverageInformation about using CoverageScanner with C#.
QML coverageUsing the cocoqmlscanner add-on that supports code coverage for QML.
Tcl coverageUsing the CoverageScannerTcl utility that collects code coverage information of a Tcl-based execution.
Coco Test EngineDocumentation on the Coco Test Engine and the Test Data Generation feature.
Coco internalsAdditional information about the file system and registry, code insertion, and code coverage benchmarks.
Command Line ToolsTools for processing coverage information from scripts.
GUI ToolsTools with a graphical user interface: CoverageBrowser, license wizard and setup tools.
License informationLicense agreement and copyright acknowledgements.
Release notesInformation about recent and older releases.

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