What's New

New Features in Qt 3D Studio 2.8

Image Filtering

It is now possible to specify minification and magnification filters for the Images. This enables mipmapping for the textures.

Custom Material and Effect Textures

The Custom Material and Effect Textures have been converted to use Images. This means that the same image properties as previously only available for the standard materials can now be used to change the texture properties for the user-defined shaders. In order to support the image transformation, new per-texture uniforms and functions have been added to access transformed texture coordinates and texture sample. See Accessing Textures with Image Transformations how to use them in the shaders.

When old presentation is opened for the first time with Studio Editor, it needs to convert the old texture paths into Images. If the presentation has sub-presentations they should be opened separately to ensure that the whole presentation has the same presentation version.

Controlling the Custom property texture using API has been changed to reflect this change. They can now be controlled the same way as standard material textures. See Controlling Custom Properties for more details.

Timeline Signals

It is now possible to trigger actions from timeline using the new Signal type.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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