class QAccelerometer#

The QAccelerometer class is a convenience wrapper around QSensor . More

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Detailed Description#

The only behavioural difference is that this class sets the type properly.

It also supports changing the acceleration mode, which controls whether the force of gravity is included in the accelerometer values or not.

Furthermore, this class features a reading() function that returns a QAccelerometerReading instead of a QSensorReading .

For details about how the sensor works, see QAccelerometerReading .

class AccelerationMode#

This enum represents the acceleration mode of an acceleration sensor.

The acceleration mode controls how the sensor reports acceleration. QAccelerometer::Combined is the only mode in which the values can be directly physically measured, the others are an approximation.




Both the acceleration caused by gravity and the acceleration caused by the user moving the device is reported combined.


Only the acceleration caused by gravity is reported. Movements of the device caused by the user have no effect other than changing the direction when the device is rotated.


Only the acceleration caused by the user moving the device is reported, the effect of gravity is canceled out. A device at rest therefore should report values of, or close to, zero. In other APIs, this mode might be known as linear acceleration.

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Properties can be used directly when from __feature__ import true_property is used or via accessor functions otherwise.

property accelerationModeᅟ: QAccelerometer.AccelerationMode#

This property holds The acceleration mode controls how acceleration values are reported..

The acceleration mode controls how the acceleration sensor reports its values. The default mode is Combined , which means the acceleration caused by gravity is included in the reported values.

Acceleration caused by gravity and acceleration caused by the user moving the device are physically impossible to distinguish because of general relativity. Most devices use sensor fusion to figure out which parts of the acceleration is caused by gravity, for example by using a rotation sensor to calculate the gravity direction and assuming a fixed magnitude for gravity. Therefore the result is only an approximation and may be inaccurate. The Combined mode is the most accurate one, as it does not involve approximating the gravity.

Not all backends and devices might support setting the acceleration mode. For those cases, the default mode Combined is used, changing it has no effect.

Access functions:


Construct the sensor as a child of parent.

Return type:


Getter of property accelerationModeᅟ .



Emitted when the accelerationMode was changed.

Notification signal of property accelerationModeᅟ .



Sets the acceleration mode to accelerationMode.

Setter of property accelerationModeᅟ .