ResourceCollectionManager Class

class QInstaller::ResourceCollectionManager

The ResourceCollectionManager class is an abstraction that groups together a number of resource collections. More...

Header: #include <ResourceCollectionManager>

Public Functions

void clear()
QInstaller::ResourceCollection collectionByName(const QByteArray &name) const
int collectionCount() const
QList<QInstaller::ResourceCollection> collections() const
void insertCollection(const QInstaller::ResourceCollection &collection)
void read(QFileDevice *dev, qint64 offset)
void removeCollection(const QByteArray &name)
Range<qint64> write(QFileDevice *out, qint64 offset) const

Detailed Description

The resource collections it groups can be written to and read from a QFileDevice.

Member Function Documentation

void ResourceCollectionManager::clear()

Clears the contents of the collection manager.

QInstaller::ResourceCollection ResourceCollectionManager::collectionByName(const QByteArray &name) const

Returns the collection associated with the name name.

int ResourceCollectionManager::collectionCount() const

Returns the number of collections in the collection manager.

QList<QInstaller::ResourceCollection> ResourceCollectionManager::collections() const

Returns the collections the collection manager contains.

void ResourceCollectionManager::insertCollection(const QInstaller::ResourceCollection &collection)

Inserts the collection into the collection manager.

void ResourceCollectionManager::read(QFileDevice *dev, qint64 offset)

Reads the resource collection from the file dev. The offset argument is used to set the collection's resources segment information.

void ResourceCollectionManager::removeCollection(const QByteArray &name)

Removes all occurrences of name from the collection manager.

Range<qint64> ResourceCollectionManager::write(QFileDevice *out, qint64 offset) const

Writes the resource collection to the file out. The offset argument is used to set the collection's segment information.

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