What's New in 2.3

Qt Quick Ultralite maintains source compatibility between minor releases. However, some changes may require you to adapt the application code accordingly. The following sections highlight such changes:

Important changes

New features

  • Added the boundsBehavior property to control the dragging or flicking beyond the bounds.
  • Added support for building Qt Quick Ultralite applications using MinGW v11.2 on Windows
  • Optimized QML binding evaluation to reduce code size by up to 2.5% depending on the toolchain and the application.
  • Added support for AutomaticCompressedLossless image format on Cypress Traveo II.
  • Upgrades:
    • Renesas FSP v3.8.0.
    • MCUXPresso SDK v2.12.0 for MIMXRT1050, MIMXRT1060, MIMXRT1064, and MIMXRT1170.
    • STM32CubeH7 SDK v1.10.0 for STM32H750.
    • STM32CubeF7 SDK v1.17.0 for STM32F769.
    • STM32CubeF4 SDK v1.27.0 for STM32F469.
    • LodePNG version to 20220109.
    • CMake minimum version to v3.21.1.
  • Added the DeviceLink platform API to enable communication between the host and the device.
  • Added EventQueue::isOverrun() and EventQueue::clearOverrun() to check if the event queue is overrun and clear it.
  • Added FreeRTOS support for EK-RA6M3G.
  • Added .qmlproject files to all the Qt Quick Ultralite demos and examples.
  • Added support for images with unicode filenames.
  • Updates to Flickable:
  • Added partial framebuffer support for STM32F469 and STM32F769.
  • Added the compiler and linker-specific options to a whitelist, enabling platform exporter to filter them from the options retrieved by CMake. These white-listed options are required to be set by the 3rd party IDEs.
  • Added Loader QML API to support loading QML components dynamically.
  • Added support for the updated display panel in the STM32F769I Discovery kit.
  • qmlprojectexporter updates:
    • Override the Qt Controls style using the --controls-style command-line option.
    • Detect an SVG image.
    • Select resource variants using file selectors.
    • Generate dependency resolution report.
    • Validate custom image properties.
    • Run in both configure and generate modes using the --export-configuration and --export-cpp command-line options.
    • Handle the IAR toolchain-specific needs to use the module assets.
    • Override the projectRootPath property.
    • Export modules using the --export-modules command-line option, which is enabled by default.
    • Improve error reporting to ensure that the messages help the developer resolve the error.
    • Add compiler and linker option white list.
    • Update the filename naming scheme to match with the scheme used by qmltocpp.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed event queue to avoid it being stuck in the overrun state, and print a warning when it enters the state.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts on Cypress Traveo II when drawing vector graphics using the Shapes or DrawingEngine APIs.
  • Removed the qmlinfterfacegenerator MSVC dependency when cross-compiling for a target using other toolchains.
  • Fixed Flickable to ensure that touch-and-drag behavior is consistent across the supported devices.
  • Fixed the platform port for EK-RA6M3G to ensure that logging and touch handling works when a custom main is used.
  • Moved the startup file in the automotive demo to ensure that it is added to the platform irrespective of the Qt Quick Ultralite build type (static or dynamic).
  • Updated CMake logic to use the input from qmlproectexporter to update translations.
  • Fixed memory usage by preallocating Image and Text cache buffer to avoid fragmentation.
  • Fixed platform source filename conflicts in 3rd party IDEs.
  • Ported BoardDefaults.cmake to BoardDefualts.qmlprojectconfig, enabling CMake to use the default values in the qmlproject file.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts on STM32F469 with 24bpp color depth.
  • Examples and demos:
    • Enabled support for configuring the examples for all the available Qt for MCUs kits.
    • Enabled the image_cache example for RH850 and Cypress Traveo II.
    • Enabled the watch demo for MIMXRT1060.
    • Enabled the static_library example for RH850.
    • Fixed error reporting when non-default color depths are used for the application, without rebuilding the platform. See the Supported features list for more information.
  • Fixed crash on STM32F769 due to IAR optimizations.
  • Fixed regression in qmlprojectexporter caused by invalid libclang search path.
  • Changed the install PATH for the Qt libraries to separate the libraries for MSVC and MinGW. The MSVC version of these libraries are installed into <QUL_ROOT>/lib/msvc, whereas the MinGW version is installed into <QUL_ROOT>/lib/gnu.
  • Fixed inconsistent line wrapping for text items with the Text::wrapMode set to WordWrap. The line breaks algorithm for this mode complies with the algorithm recommended by the Unicode standard.
  • Fixed issues with rendering a space " " character in the unicodeCoverage list, using the static font engine.
  • Fixed crash because of the size optimization for GCC toolchain.

Other changes

New APIs

APIs for application development

New Member Functions

Class EventQueue:

void clearOverrun()
bool isOverrun() const

New QML Types

APIs for platform development

New Classes

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