What's New in 1.9

Qt Quick Ultralite maintains source compatibility between minor releases. However, some changes may require you to adapt the application code accordingly. The following sections highlight such changes:

Important changes

  • Deprecated the following functions:
    • Qul::PlatformInterface::DrawingDevice::pixelAt()
    • Qul::PlatformInterface::Texture::dataAtOffset()
    • Qul::PlatformInterface::DrawingDevice::bytesPerPixel()
    • Qul::PlatformInterface::Texture::bytesPerPixel()
    • Qul::Image::bytesPerPixel()

New features

  • Added protobuf support using the nanopb 3rd party library to enable better communication between the host and the target.
  • Added the 3rd party printf implementation for embedded systems.
  • Added Qt Creator support for the QtQuickUltralite.Extras module by adding the plugin.qmltypes file.
  • Added the QUL_MONOTYPE_SPARK_HEAP_NO_PREALLOC and QUL_MONOTYPE_SPARK_HEAP_SIZE CMake target properties to configure the heap/cache buffers for Monotype Spark.
  • Added support for property bindings on the Qt.font() API.
  • Added the memory allocation API to have control over the size of memory allocations.
  • Added the PaintedItem and Qul::PaintedItemDelegate APIs to support rendering QML items using custom hardware-accelerated or software renderer.
  • Added the Screen::defaultApplicationSize API, enabling the platform to override the application window size if its root item does not have a size.
  • Upgraded to ARM GCC version 9.
  • Added support for the Qul::PixelFormat_Alpha1 pixel format.
  • Added the PixelDataPointer structure to handle pointing pixel data where bitsPerPixel() is < 8. This structure is used with the Qul::PlatformInterface::DrawingDevice::pixelDataAt() and Qul::PlatformInterface::Texture::pixelData().
  • Enabled Text and StaticText items to handle the missing glpyhs more gracefully. They render a placeholder glyph (box) for the missing glpyh.
  • Added the QUL_DEFAULT_FONT_QUALITY CMake target property and font.quality QML API to control the glyph rendering quality.

    Note: You must set the font.unicodeCoverage property if the automatic glyph generation is disabled.

  • Added painteditem example, camera example, and Swipe game demo.
  • Added support for the Infineon/Cypress Traveo II board.
  • Added support for Linux development host.
  • Upgraded the CMake minimun version to v3.17.3.
  • Added the MessageQueue API to enable implementing custom queues.

Fixed issues

  • Refactored text alignment calculation to fix horizontal alignment issues on a Text item.
  • Fixed the heap size for the charts example to support the screen size on MIMXRT1170.
  • Upgraded NXP board SDK to version 2.9.1.
  • Fixed the Thermo demo animation issues on RA6M3G by disabling the fade animation.
  • Fixed blending of PixelFormat_RGB32 on EK-RA6M3G.
  • Refactored qulrcc to not use RGB332 format for Indexed8 images.
  • Switched to std::minstd_rand() instead of std::rand() on EK-RA6M3G.
  • Updated the Watch demo to use a new time_t function to get the UTC time.
  • Optimized the Font_bindings example for STM32F7508-Discovery.
  • Added sanity check to catch common linker issues relating to C++.
  • Updated the EK-RA6M3G platform port to use fallbackDrawingEngine for the unsupported pixel formats.
  • Updated the baremetal example to use Qul::PlatformInterface::log().
  • Updated the platform adaptation for STM32 to support printing/logging.
  • Add support for Platform::qul_printf() to MIMXRT1050, MIMXRT1060, and MIMXRT1064.
  • Implemented Platform::consoleWrite() for RH850.
  • Updated the platform adaptation for EK-RA6M3G, MIMXRT1170, and MIMXRT595, to support PlatformInterface::log().
  • Replaced printf with qul_printf in platforms.
  • Dropped opacity for the background layer in the layer example.
  • Updated vglitesupport to support negative vector coordinates.
  • Fixed performance measurement crash on EK-RA6M3G.
  • Fixed unspecified CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE when building an application.
  • Fixed implicit move not added when startX == startY == 0.
  • Fixed clipped text when using spark engine in combination with text cache.
  • Adjusted the dynamic assets size threshold to smaller on STM32.
  • Added support for generating 1bpp glyphs to fontcompiler.
  • Updated build dependancy to import the core library when rebuilding a platform library.
  • Enabled Text cache updates on TextAlignment change.
  • Pooled the DynDependencyNode allocations.

New Classes and Functions

Aplication development

New Classes

New QML Types

New QML Methods

QML Type Qt:

font font(object fontConfiguration)

Platform development

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class Texture:

Qul::PlatformInterface::PixelDataPointer pixelData(int16_t x, int16_t y) const

Class MessageQueue:

uint32_t capacity() const
void clearOverrun()
bool discardSupported() const
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrDiscard(const MessageType *message)
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrDiscardFromInterrupt(const MessageType *message)
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrOverwrite(const MessageType *message)
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrOverwriteFromInterrupt(const MessageType *message)
bool isEmpty() const
bool isEmptyFromInterrupt() const
bool isOverrun() const
bool overwriteSupported() const
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus receive(MessageType *message, int32_t timeout = 0)
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus receiveFromInterrupt(MessageType *message, int32_t timeout = 0)

Class MessageQueueInterface:

virtual uint32_t capacity() const = 0
virtual void clearOverrun() = 0
virtual bool discardSupported() const = 0
virtual Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrDiscard(const void *message) = 0
virtual Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrDiscardFromInterrupt(const void *message)
virtual Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrOverwrite(const void *message) = 0
virtual Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus enqueueOrOverwriteFromInterrupt(const void *message)
virtual bool isEmpty() const = 0
virtual bool isEmptyFromInterrupt() const
virtual bool isOverrun() const = 0
virtual bool overwriteSupported() const = 0
virtual Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus receive(void *message, int32_t timeout = 0) = 0
virtual Qul::Platform::MessageQueueStatus receiveFromInterrupt(void *message, int32_t timeout = 0)

New Global Functions

Tvii::Configuration::Config configForOTFLayer(std::uint32_t platformId)
Tvii::Configuration::Config defaultConfigForOTFLayer()
void deleteQueue(Qul::Platform::MessageQueueInterface *queue)
bool layerHasWarping(int platformId)
int log(const char *format, ...)
std::size_t maximumQueueMessageSize()
Qul::Platform::MessageQueueInterface *requestQueue(std::size_t queueCapacity, std::size_t messageSize)
void setConfigForOTFLayer(std::uint32_t platformId, std::uint16_t copses, std::uint32_t fifo, std::uint32_t lines)
void setWarpingBufferForLayer(int platformId, const void *buffer, const int *platformStruct, int keepLines = 20)
Tvii::Warping::WarpInfo warpInfoForLayer(int platformId)

New Macros

int qul_printf(const char *format, ...)
int qul_snprintf(char *buffer, size_t count, const char *format, ...)
int qul_sprintf(char *buffer, const char *format, ...)
int qul_vprintf(const char *format, va_list va)
int qul_vsnprintf(char *buffer, size_t count, const char *format, va_list va)

New Enum Types

enum class MessageQueueStatus { Success, MessageDiscarded, MessageOverwritten, EmptyQueue, Timeout, …, OtherError }

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