QuaternionAnimation QML Type

A PropertyAnimation for quaternions. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Core 2.7


Detailed Description

A specialized PropertyAnimation that defines an animation between two quaternions.

By default spherical linear interpolation is used. This can be changed to the faster but less accurate normalized linear interpolation by setting the type property.

Instead of specifying quaternions directly in the from and to properties, it is also possible to provide euler angles in degrees in the fromXRotation, toXRotation, fromYRotation, toYRotation, fromZRotation, toZRotation properties.

Note: Avoid mixing the quaternion and euler angle-based properties. The from and to values are expected to be fully specified either via a quaternion or the three euler angles.

See also Animation and Transitions in Qt Quick, QQuaternion, QQuaternion::slerp(), and QQuaternion::nlerp().

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