Qt for QNX Support

QNX releases and architectures

Qt 6 is currently tested and supported on QNX SDP 7.1, with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit target architectures:

  • ARMle-v7
  • AArch64le and x86-64 (64-bit)

Note: Support for x86 (32-bit) was removed in QNX SDP 7.1.

Previous releases

Target hardware

For a specific list of available boards, displays and input devices, contact QNX Software Systems (info@qnx.com) or KDAB (qnx-info@kdab.com).

Qt on the QNX Neutrino OS is also supported by Qt for Device Creation, contact The Qt Company for more details.

Supported Qt modules

All the Qt Essentials modules are supported in Qt for QNX.

See Qt Add-Ons for information about which Qt Add-On modules are supported in Qt for QNX.

Host systems

QNX has been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 host but may work on other host systems.

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