Applying Layer Effects

Each layer in a presentation may have one or more post-processing effects applied to the visual result. A library of predefined effects is included in Qt 3D Studio. To use one of these effects:

  1. Click the "Effect library icon" icon at the bottom of the project palette. This will open the effect library.
  2. Double-click desired .effect file to import it to your project. The effect will now be available in the effects folder in the project palette.

  3. To apply the effect to a layer, drag it from the project palette onto a layer in the scene graph.
  4. With the effect selected in the scene graph, use the inspector palette to adjust or animate the parameters of the effect. The result of editing effects will be immediately visible in the scene view.

An effect applied to a layer will be applied on all elements on that layer. The entire layer is rendered via its camera, and then the effect is applied. The position of the effect in the scene graph relative to other (non-effect) elements makes no difference.

You may apply more than one effect to the same layer. At runtime, effects that are positioned lower in the scene graph will be applied before effects that are above them.


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