class QPauseAnimation#

The QPauseAnimation class provides a pause for QSequentialAnimationGroup . More

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New in version 4.6.





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Detailed Description#

If you wish to introduce a delay between animations in a QSequentialAnimationGroup , you can insert a QPauseAnimation . This class does not animate anything, but does not finish before a specified number of milliseconds have elapsed from when it was started. You specify the duration of the pause in the constructor. It can also be set directly with setDuration() .

It is not necessary to construct a QPauseAnimation yourself. QSequentialAnimationGroup provides the convenience functions addPause() and insertPause() . These functions simply take the number of milliseconds the pause should last.


Properties can be used directly when from __feature__ import true_property is used or via accessor functions otherwise.

property durationᅟ: int#

This property holds the duration of the pause..

The duration of the pause. The duration should not be negative. The default duration is 250 milliseconds.

Access functions:


Constructs a QPauseAnimation . parent is passed to QObject ‘s constructor. The default duration is 0.

__init__(msecs[, parent=None])

Constructs a QPauseAnimation . msecs is the duration of the pause. parent is passed to QObject ‘s constructor.


msecs – int

See also


Setter of property durationᅟ .