class QSGVertexColorMaterial#

The QSGVertexColorMaterial class provides a convenient way of rendering per-vertex colored geometry in the scene graph. More

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Detailed Description#


This utility class is only functional when running with the default backend of the Qt Quick scenegraph.

The vertex color material will give each vertex in a geometry a color. Pixels between vertices will be linearly interpolated. The colors can contain transparency.

The geometry to be rendered with vertex color must have the following layout. Attribute position 0 must contain vertices. Attribute position 1 must contain colors, a tuple of 4 values with RGBA layout. Both floats in the range of 0 to 1 and unsigned bytes in the range 0 to 255 are valid for the color values.


The rendering pipeline expects pixels with premultiplied alpha.

defaultAttributes_ColoredPoint2D() can be used to construct an attribute set that is compatible with this material.

The vertex color material respects both current opacity and current matrix when updating it’s rendering state.


Creates a new vertex color material.