Configuring DNS delegation

The Qt Insight Private Cloud installation requires the delegation of a subdomain from an external system to the Qt Insight AWS account. When you have an AWS account for Qt Insight, first create a Route 53 delegation set using the following AWS command-line interface (AWS CLI) command.

aws route53 create-reusable-delegation-set --caller-reference <unique_id>

In the command example above, <unique_id> is a unique ID passed to the caller-reference option. This can be any unique string (for example, a date/time stamp).

Running the command outputs a list of name servers. Add these name server records to your external DNS configuration. This allows your installation of Qt Insight Private Cloud to manage the DNS records for the delegated subdomain.

Note: You may need to contact your organization's IT admin to modify the DNS configuration.

The Terraform deployment will create two subdomains under the delegated subdomain, using the AWS Route 53 hosted zones.

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