Installation package

The Qt Insight Private Cloud package includes the following:

Insight ConsoleA web-based app that allows you to visualize your data, accessed through web browsers.

Note: The console is primarily designed for desktop usage and is not currently optimized for mobile devices.

Insight BackendA server-side component for processing the data. Integrates seamlessly into the AWS infrastructure, enabling you to process and analyze massive volumes of data.
Insight Remote configurationA server-side component that allows Qt devices to fetch updated tracker configuration. The Remote configuration can be set up in the Insight Console.
Insight Tracker libraryA device-side library that sends data from your devices to the Insight Backend for processing. Designed to consume minimal power in embedded devices. For configuration details, see Qt Insight Tracker.

Downloading the Qt Insight Private Cloud package

You can download the Qt Insight Private Cloud installation package from the Qt File Sender. The package includes the Qt Insight container images and infrastructure as a code configuration using Terraform.

Included directories

The Install package contains following directories.

  1. infra This folder contains the Terraform infrastructure-as-code files used for deployment
  2. iglu/schemas This folder contains event schemas used by Qt Insight. These are deployed automatically with Terraform.
  3. docker This folder contains Qt Insight application container images packaged as tar archive. It also contains helper script that can be used to push the images to AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

Extracting package contents

The Qt Insight Private Cloud is distributed as a tar archive file.

  1. Extract the downloaded .tar install package to a new directory:
    tar -xvf insight-private-cloud.tar

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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