Maintaining Qt Insight Private Cloud

Updating a Qt Insight Private Cloud installation

When a new Qt Insight Private Cloud version is released, Qt Sales contacts the contact person in your company to provide the version details.

To update your Qt Insight Private Cloud installation:

  1. Update your server.
    cd infra
    terraform -chdir=private-cloud init -backend-config=../qtanalytics.s3.tfbackend
    terraform -chdir=private-cloud plan -compact-warnings -var-file=../env/private-cloud-dev.tfvars -out ../private-cloud.plan
    terraform -chdir=private-cloud apply ../private-cloud.plan

    For requirements and more information, see the private-cloud/INSTALL.md file.

  2. Log out from your Amazon Web UI.

If you experience issues, contact our technical support at support@qt.io.

Deleting a Qt Insight Private Cloud installation

Warning: If you delete your Qt Insight Private Cloud installation, all your data will be deleted. Always back up your data before deleting an installation.

Qt Insight stores your data in the following services. Back up these services before you delete your installation:

S3 Data LakeStores the data bucket defined in your configuration file. Contains the enriched events sent by your devices.
RedshiftAn analytics database that stores the events sent by your devices in a refined data model.
PostgreSQLStores the Qt Insight domain database that contains, for example, organizations and users.

Backing up data

The services support automatic backups, but you must export the backup data to a safe location before deleting, for example, your AWS account.

To back up your data, see the following links:

Deleting cloud resources

Once you have backed up your data, you can delete all Qt Insight Private Cloud AWS resources by running the following command:

cd infra
terraform -chdir=private-cloud init -backend-config=../qtanalytics.s3.tfbackend
terraform -chdir=private-cloud destroy -var-file=../env/private-cloud-dev.tfvars

For more details, see the private-cloud/INSTALL.md file.

Restoring data

You can restore your data as follows:

  • For application and analytics databases (PostgreSQL & Redshift), restoring from a snapshot through the Terraform configuration is supported.
  • You can also restore data manually through the AWS console or from the command-line interface (CLI).

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