QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent Class

The QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent signifies a change in a table, list, or tree where cells are added or removed. If the change affected a number of rows, firstColumn and lastColumn will return -1. Likewise for columns, the row functions may return -1. More...

Header: #include <QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Gui)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Gui)
qmake: QT += gui
Inherits: QAccessibleEvent

Public Types

enum ModelChangeType { ModelReset, DataChanged, RowsInserted, ColumnsInserted, RowsRemoved, ColumnsRemoved }

Public Functions

QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent(QObject *object, QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType changeType)
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent(QAccessibleInterface *iface, QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType changeType)
int firstColumn() const
int firstRow() const
int lastColumn() const
int lastRow() const
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType modelChangeType() const
void setFirstColumn(int column)
void setFirstRow(int row)
void setLastColumn(int column)
void setLastRow(int row)
void setModelChangeType(QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType changeType)

Detailed Description

This class is used with QAccessible::updateAccessibility().

Member Type Documentation

enum QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType

This enum describes the different types of changes in the table model.

QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelReset0The model has been reset, all previous knowledge about the model is now invalid.
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::DataChanged1No cells have been added or removed, but the data of the specified cell range is invalid.
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::RowsInserted2New rows have been inserted.
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ColumnsInserted3New columns have been inserted.
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::RowsRemoved4Rows have been removed.
QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ColumnsRemoved5Columns have been removed.

Member Function Documentation

QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent(QObject *object, QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType changeType)

Constructs a new QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent for object of with changeType.

QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent(QAccessibleInterface *iface, QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType changeType)

Constructs a new QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent for interface iface with a model change type changeType.

int QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::firstColumn() const

Returns the first changed column.

See also setFirstColumn().

int QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::firstRow() const

Returns the first changed row.

See also setFirstRow().

int QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::lastColumn() const

Returns the last changed column.

See also setLastColumn().

int QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::lastRow() const

Returns the last changed row.

See also setLastRow().

QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::modelChangeType() const

Returns the type of change.

See also setModelChangeType().

void QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::setFirstColumn(int column)

Sets the first changed column.

See also firstColumn().

void QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::setFirstRow(int row)

Sets the first changed row.

See also firstRow().

void QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::setLastColumn(int column)

Sets the last changed column.

See also lastColumn().

void QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::setLastRow(int row)

Sets the last changed row.

See also lastRow().

void QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::setModelChangeType(QAccessibleTableModelChangeEvent::ModelChangeType changeType)

Sets the type of change to changeType.

See also modelChangeType().

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