TargetBlend Struct

struct QRhiGraphicsPipeline::TargetBlend

Describes the blend state for one color attachment. More...

This struct was introduced in Qt 6.6.

Public Variables

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::ColorMask colorWrite
QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor dstAlpha
QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor dstColor
bool enable
QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendOp opAlpha
QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendOp opColor
QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor srcAlpha
QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor srcColor

Detailed Description

Defaults to color write enabled, blending disabled. The blend values are set up for pre-multiplied alpha (One, OneMinusSrcAlpha, One, OneMinusSrcAlpha) by default. This means that to get the alpha blending mode Qt Quick uses, it is enough to set the enable flag to true while leaving other values at their defaults.

Note: This is a RHI API with limited compatibility guarantees, see QRhi for details.

Member Variable Documentation

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::ColorMask TargetBlend::colorWrite

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor TargetBlend::dstAlpha

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor TargetBlend::dstColor

bool TargetBlend::enable

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendOp TargetBlend::opAlpha

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendOp TargetBlend::opColor

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor TargetBlend::srcAlpha

QRhiGraphicsPipeline::BlendFactor TargetBlend::srcColor

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