InOutVariable Struct

struct QShaderDescription::InOutVariable

Describes an input or output variable in the shader. More...

This struct was introduced in Qt 6.6.

Public Variables

QList<int> arrayDims
int binding
int descriptorSet
QShaderDescription::ImageFlags imageFlags
QShaderDescription::ImageFormat imageFormat
int location
QByteArray name
bool perPatch
QList<QShaderDescription::BlockVariable> structMembers
QShaderDescription::VariableType type
bool operator==(const QShaderDescription::InOutVariable &lhs, const QShaderDescription::InOutVariable &rhs)

Detailed Description

Note: This is a RHI API with limited compatibility guarantees, see QShaderDescription for details.

Member Variable Documentation

QList<int> InOutVariable::arrayDims

int InOutVariable::binding

int InOutVariable::descriptorSet

QShaderDescription::ImageFlags InOutVariable::imageFlags

QShaderDescription::ImageFormat InOutVariable::imageFormat

int InOutVariable::location

QByteArray InOutVariable::name

bool InOutVariable::perPatch

QList<QShaderDescription::BlockVariable> InOutVariable::structMembers

QShaderDescription::VariableType InOutVariable::type

Related Non-Members

[noexcept] bool operator==(const QShaderDescription::InOutVariable &lhs, const QShaderDescription::InOutVariable &rhs)

Returns true if the two InOutVariable objects lhs and rhs are equal.

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