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The QSSGCameraId is a handle to a QtQuick3D Camera object, like the PerspectiveCamera item.

Note: Cameras are also nodes.


The QSSGExtensionId is a handle to a QtQuick3D extension type, like items that inherits from the RenderExtension type.

See also QQuick3DRenderExtension and QSSGRenderExtension.


The QSSGNodeId is a handle to a QtQuick3D node object. Node objects are all objects that inherits from Node, like the Model item.


Handle to a preparation context. Setting up a preparation context is the first step needed before renderables can be created and rendered.

See also QSSGRenderHelpers::prepareForRender().


Handle to a preparation result.

Once the renderables for a frame are updated and ready to be translated into rendering code by the engine, the renderables and the preparation context can be committed. If the commit succeeds, the returned preparation result can be used to prepare and record the rendering for the frame.


Handle to a set of renderables.

Handle to a set of renderables created for one or more node(s). This id can be used to for example modify the renderables created for a specific model.


The QSSGResourceId is a handle to a QtQuick3D object. Resources are usually all none-node types.

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