Get help

By default, Qt VS Tools try to display Qt online documentation when you press F1. If you often end up in the Qt documentation even though you wanted Microsoft documentation, turn off this feature and use the default shortcut Alt+F1.

To access Microsoft documentation when pressing F1:

  1. Go to Extensions > Qt VS Tools > Options > Qt > General > Help.

    {Qt General Options}

  2. Set Try Qt documentation when F1 is pressed to False.

Access offline help

To read the documentation delivered with your Qt version instead of the latest online version, set Preferred source to Offline.

Change Qt online help keyboard shortcut

To set up another keyboard shortcut for Qt online help:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard.

    {Keyboard options}

  2. In Show commands containing, enter Help.F1Help.
  3. Select Press shortcut keys and press your preferred keys to add them to the field.
  4. Select Assign, and then select OK.

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