The QParallelAnimationGroup class provides a parallel group of animations. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtCore.QParallelAnimationGroup

New in version 4.6.


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Detailed Description#


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QParallelAnimationGroup –a container for animations –starts all its animations when it is started itself, i.e., runs all animations in parallel. The animation group finishes when the longest lasting animation has finished.

You can treat QParallelAnimationGroup as any other QAbstractAnimation , e.g., pause, resume, or add it to other animation groups.

group = QParallelAnimationGroup()

In this example, anim1 and anim2 are two QPropertyAnimation s that have already been set up.

class PySide6.QtCore.QParallelAnimationGroup([parent=None])#


Constructs a QParallelAnimationGroup . parent is passed to QObject ‘s constructor.