The QCanBusFactory class is a factory class used as the plugin interface for CAN bus plugins. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtSerialBus.QCanBusFactory


Virtual functions#


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Detailed Description#

All plugins must implement the functions provided by this factory class.

class PySide6.QtSerialBus.QCanBusFactory#
abstract PySide6.QtSerialBus.QCanBusFactory.availableDevices(errorMessage)#

errorMessage – str

Return type:

Returns the list of available devices and their capabilities for the QCanBusDevice .

errorMessage contains an error description in case of failure.

abstract PySide6.QtSerialBus.QCanBusFactory.createDevice(interfaceName, errorMessage)#
  • interfaceName – str

  • errorMessage – str

Return type:


Creates a new QCanBusDevice . The caller must take ownership of the returned pointer.

interfaceName is the CAN interface name and errorMessage contains an error description in case of failure.

If the factory cannot create a plugin, it returns nullptr.