The QModbusTcpConnectionObserver class represents the interface for objects that can be passed to installConnectionObserver . More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtSerialBus.QModbusTcpConnectionObserver


Virtual functions#


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Detailed Description#

The interface must be implemented by the developer to be able to monitor every incoming TCP connection from another Modbus client.

class PySide6.QtSerialBus.QModbusTcpConnectionObserver#
abstract PySide6.QtSerialBus.QModbusTcpConnectionObserver.acceptNewConnection(newClient)#


Return type:


This function is a callback for every incoming TCP connection. The user should provide newClient to receive a notification when a new client connection is established and to determine whether the connection is to be accepted.

The function should return true if the connection is to be accepted. Otherwise, the socket is closed/rejected.