Multimedia Overview#

A set of APIs for working with audio, video and camera devices.

Multimedia support in Qt is provided by the Qt Multimedia module. The Qt Multimedia module provides a rich feature set that enables you to easily take advantage of a platform’s multimedia capabilities, such as media playback and the use of camera devices.


Here are some things you can do with the Qt Multimedia APIs:

  • Access raw audio devices for input and output.

  • Play low latency sound effects.

  • Play 3D spatial audio.

  • Play media files in playlists (such as compressed audio or video files).

  • Record audio and compress it.

  • Use a camera, including viewfinder, image capture, and movie recording

  • Decode audio media files into memory for processing.

Multimedia Components#

The Qt Multimedia APIs are categorized into three main components. More information specific to each component is available in the overview pages. You can also take a look at some recipes .

Multimedia Recipes#

For some quick recipes, see this table:

Use case


QML Types

C++ Classes

Playing a sound effect



Playing 3D sound


SpatialSound , AudioEngine

QSpatialSound , QAudioEngine

Playing encoded audio (MP3, AAC etc)




Playing raw audio data with low latency

audiooutput ,


Accessing raw audio input data

spectrum , audiosource


Recording encoded audio data


CaptureSession , AudioInput , MediaRecorder

QMediaCaptureSession , QAudioInput , QMediaRecorder

Discovering audio and video devices


MediaDevices , audioDevice , cameraDevice

QMediaDevices , QAudioDevice , QCameraDevice

Video Playback

player , mediaplayer

MediaPlayer , VideoOutput , Video

QMediaPlayer , QVideoWidget , QGraphicsVideoItem

Capturing audio and video

camera , recorder

CaptureSession , Camera , AudioInput VideoOutput

QMediaCaptureSession , QCamera , QAudioInput , QVideoWidget

Capturing photos

camera , recorder

CaptureSession , Camera , ImageCapture

QMediaCaptureSession , QCamera , QImageCapture

Capturing movies

camera , recorder

CaptureSession , Camera , MediaRecorder

QMediaCaptureSession , QCamera , QMediaRecorder


The Qt Multimedia APIs build upon the multimedia framework of the underlying platform. This can mean that support for various codecs, or containers will vary between machines. This support depends on what the end user has installed. See Supported Media Formats for more detail.

Changes from Previous Versions#

If you previously used Qt Multimedia in Qt 5, see Changes to Qt Multimedia for more information on what has changed, and what you might need to change when porting code to Qt 6.

Reference Documentation#